The first time I went through the temple, I was unbelievably overwhelmed and frustrated. This was the first time in my life I hadn’t immediately understood something about the gospel. All that happened felt foreign. For a person with anxiety, it was very disconcerting. Also, it probably didn’t help that I had spent the day beforehand catching up on Supernatural rather than fasting and praying. After the experience, I study for an hour. I felt the comfort of the spirit but found no real answers. The quote on my phone’s lock screen by M. Russel Ballard saying, “Sometimes we can learn, study and know. Sometimes we have to believe, trust, and hope.” suddenly meant a lot more to me. Sometimes, the gospel won’t make sense, and sometimes you’ll have to do things you don’t understand. That’s fine. As Uchtdorf’s famous words read: “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.” Just keep on keeping on and someday it all will be clear, whether in this life or the next.

Although sometimes we will have to believe, trust, and hope, that shouldn’t stop us from learning, studying, and trying to know. That, my friends, is what this blog is about. A series of essays defending the gospel (if you read that in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice you are a person of my heart). I hope to write about many topics, that can assist you and others in understanding scriptures, practices, and beliefs of our church that can sometimes be confusing. I will also write posts about other religions, that, if nothing else, show that the world is and has always been full of unique religious signs of devotion. Each post I write is filled with things I have learned and thoughts I have had as I continue my journey of spiritual learning. I hope that they will assist you and inspire you in yours! But, of course, keep in mind, they’re not doctrine. If you want doctrine, you can find it here.